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Where is the Love

I watched with horror the series of events that unfolded in Charlottesville this past weekend. It actually looked like a scene from a 1950's or 60's movie. Neo-Nazis, the Klan, and others who believe in the superiority of the white demographic segment of society marched enraged through the streets with torches and weapons chanting racist, anti-semitic and anti-immigration slogans. The images of the angered young man from the University of Nevada and the car barreling into a crowd of people are hard to erase from my mind.

I was talking to Daddy God about it, and the scripture that came to mind was Matthew 24. The disciples were asking Jesus for the signs that the end of time was near. He stated that there would be wars and rumors of wars (Have you been paying attention to North Korea?), famines, earthquakes and pestilences. Nation would rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. That those who name the name of Christ would be afflicted and hated for his sake (Have you noticed how much anger and animosity is created when Christians take a stand?)

But the verse that caught my attention was verse 12. And because iniquity [wickedness] shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

Now, if there is one thing that can't be questioned, it is that the wickedness in our world has seriously abounded. Some days I am afraid to petition the throne for mercy as I feel like a greedy child asking for more. God has been nothing but merciful- and yet our world seems to be pushing the boundaries on wickedness.

But what I couldn't help but wonder when reading this passage is if the church is among the many whose love has grown cold?

Have we become "holy icicles?" Too busy to care? Indifferent? Do we find it easier to justify and even defend un-Godly behavior- in any and every form? By which standard are we measuring our actions? Is it based on what seems right to us- or "what Jesus would do?"


I've personalized these questions and reflected on them with my own behavior. I KNOW that we are in end times, yet, has the state of the world changed my prayer life? Am I thinking beyond myself? Am I begging God for healing of the land? Am I living beyond my preferences? Am I asking Him to let me be an instrument for His will?

And, when I see a Tamir Rice, a Sandra Bland, a Philando Castille and a Charlottesville- what shows up more? My anger - or His love?

Blessings my sister... Sabrina


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