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Mothers Making a Difference - Dr. Vivian Jackson

Mothers Making a Difference

This month we celebrate strong women who are making a mark for the Kingdom of God.  Ordinary, every day women who are set apart for greatness because of their dedication to the faith.  Each week we will highlight these unsung heroines and I hope you will get a glimpse at these lives - lived for Christ.

Our first heroine is Sister Frances Butler.


Frances Butler is an award-winning creative writer, filmmaker, and radio presenter. She is a commanding raconteur and performer. Her current writing projects include, Living Wisely magazine, TV critic for Christian Post, dramatic screenplay for BBC television and, adapting her latest theater play for radio.  Frances is a fresh face and rising star on the media landscape. In all of her accomplishments her greatest triumph is raising her wonderful son.  Frances often lends her vocal talents and endearing British accent to television and radio.  She was recently awarded the Hometown Media Award for her video segment on aid to Africa.

Click here to see the award winning piece.





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